If you ever enter an intimate relationship with someone who has narcissistic personality disorder, you can find yourself feeling like you’re losing your mind at some point.

You might have spent your entire childhood in fear and anxiety and yet people can keep telling you how lucky you are to have such good parents.
You might feel invisible and worthless in your spouse’s presence and yet people can describe them as an ideal partner. Your relationship might have turned into a nightmare even if it started off as a fairy tale.
You might be feeling incompetent, lonely or unhappy around your closest friend whereas others are busy praising your seemingly strong bond with them.

Despite all that, you can still find it hard to come up with a reasonable answer when you’re asked what the problem is. In fact, you can eventually believe the problem is you or fail to realize there is a problem to begin with, and continue thinking that this person was the best thing that ever happened to you. Even if you somehow realize that this relationship is not normal and that a healthy relationship shouldn’t make you feel this way, you can still resist the idea of leaving them or eventually go back to them after a temporary break. Almost as if you cannot live with them, as if you’re somehow attached to them...

If you also feel trapped after a certain relationship with a narcissist or some other emotional manipulator; know that you are not alone. In this blog, I’ll try to help people with similar encounters and issues by sharing my own experiences and researches about narcissistic personality disorder, emotional manipulations and abuse.